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Behold young dwarf, the all-powerful and amazing language of Neo-Khuzdul!

The following two sites teach the ancient dwarven language:

And go to this website for the English to dwarvish phrases plug-in from our allies, Durin's Folk!

The following are a list of good dwarf phrases for use in-game.
Just a note, if ^ appears after a letter, it is supposed to go on top of the vowel that it comes after. The reason that ^ appears after some letters, while it is on top of some other letters is that I copy-pasted some of them and others I wrote in myself.

Greetings! - Shamukh

At your service - zai adshanzi

In Durin's name - M'imnu Durin

The axes of the dwarves, the dwarves are upon you. - Baruk Kazadh, Kazadh ai-minu!

May my excrement be poured upon the naked jawed ones (meaning elves who have no beards) - i^sh kakhfe^ ai'd du-rugnul

Sound the alarm! - Zimrith ib-bekan!

dragon - uslukh

gold - ubraz

beard - tara^g

Lord Dain's Mighty Force - Akka^ Belkulu Dain-Uzbad

Lonely Mountain - Azsâlul'abad

Grey Mountains - Thafar'abbad

Barrow Downs - Mirdinhanadlibrîn

Longbeards - Sigintarâg

Firebeards - 'Urstarg

greed - agrâth

love - amra^l

defecator - ukkhaf

DEFECATE! (command directed at a singular person) - Mahikkhif

demon-like - Rukhzul

Durin's Bane - Abzâg Durinul

Durin's Beard - Targ Durinul

us - ma^

die together - Naimridi

Gundabad orcs - Gundabadrakhâs

Dain's Hammer - bekhazu Dain

kinship - ashkât

dwarf man - khazdûn

dwarf woman - khazdûna

elf (polite form) [you will never use this] - fund

elves (polite form) [again, why would we use this?] - khuthâz

elf (impolite form) [there we go ;)] - Mibilkhags

elves (impolite form) - Mibilkhagâs

fat - dufut

fireworks - matarbul'arâs

gem - 'ibin

agate - nazg'aban

amethyst - nukhdaban

agates - nazg'abban

amulet - mamsh

anvil - dehar

archer - ufkak

arrow - bedak

arrows - beda^k

Awww ( expression of endearment, response to compliment or expression of appreciation) - ba^h

Ahem - muhim

barrel - hadar

ale (pale/amber) - zall

ale (lager/clear) - zull

ale (porter/dark) - garg

cider - tablgarg

coffee - kafh

battle - 'uzghu

cave-claw - gairuzirikrathkh

champion (person-form) - unrar

Cheers! - yof