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Kveni Thickskull / Jul 06, 2015

After a glorious kin meeting, in which ale, gems, and Moria were discussed, kin members Kveni, Grumi, Loudli, and Shadowzbane marched into Thorin's Halls to reclaim it from the elvish, humanish, and hobbitish invaders. We marched in a proper forma...

Kveni Thickskull / Jul 04, 2015

Yo dawgs.Check out the media tab, I have added two versions of "Durin's Song," whose lyrics were originally written by Tolkein. Gimli sang these lyrics in the book while journeying in Moria.They are sung by Peter Hollens and Eurielle.Fun fact: Kha...

Kveni Thickskull / Jul 03, 2015

Congratulations Dain's Hammer! We got an all dwarf website! WOOOOOOOOOT!I shall use this website to update the kin on events and to help yall in learning dwarvish.Don't feed the trolls,Kveni Thickskull of the Grey Mountains