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Kveni Thickskull / Jun 24, 2016
(The following is a comedic interpretation of the Brexit-Britain leaving the EU- adapted for Middle Earth)


Bree has recently decided to leave the Breeland Union. Neighboring towns of Staddle and Combe are devastated, wondering whether they should split from Bree to rejoin the Breeland Union or to remain subservient to an obviously insane empire.

It has also been announced that Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch may step down from his place as mayor because of the influence of ruffians from the south.

The Breexit has serious impacts for trading with the dwarves of Thorin's Halls. Fathi, an auctioneer of Thorin's Halls, declined to comment... as he has not spoken to anyone since he was stationed in the halls nine years ago.

Villagers are in a panic as auction hall prices go through the roof... whether it is a direct effect of the Breexit is unknown, however, as the auction hall prices seem to always have been this way.

Some believe that the Breexit may be an evil plot by Sauron. Sauron was unavailable to comment, however, as his mouth was out partying with the Nazgul all night.

Don't Feed the Trolls,
Kveni Thickskull


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