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The Walking Company

Kveni Thickskull / Jan 10, 2016
Shamukh my Kindred!

On January 8, 2016, a man named Airrhelm led an expedition to insert-walk from the northernmost city in Forochel all the way to Minas Tirith, and a brave many adventurers joined him. I myself was one of these adventurers, and joined him in Evendim, but sadly due to issues outside of my control I had to log out by the lonelands. I thankfully was able to log back in and join the expedition again at the paths of the dead and walk through Gondor to Minas Tirith. At the end of the expedition we jumped off the Pier of Minas Tirith like lemmings in the order in which we joined. We faced many dangers, such as fighting off warbands of orcs, defeating pesky wolves, gnats, and rats, and fighting our way through Mordor's army to reach Minas' Tirith's gates. The journey was quite glorious, and I am proud to say that as I jumped from the Pier I pulled some elves down with me.

The journey started 2:40PM EST and ended at around 11:50 EST. It took a lot of will-power, ale, and goblin heads to complete. May Mahal smile upon us all!

Don't Feed the Trolls,

Kveni Thickskull


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