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Osgiliath PVMP

Kveni Thickskull / Aug 09, 2015
Shamukh my Kindred!

Uh... I'm a little late posting this one.

So yeah... pvmp has been altered so that both monster players and vip freeps can kill each other not only in the Ettenmoors but also in Osgiliath.

Osgiliath, if you didn't know, is that city between Gondor and Mordor.

At one time, Osgiliath was the capital of all Gondor. Minas Tirith and Mordor were the defensive fortresses on either side. Then, ya know, bad guys came and all dat stuff, and it sort of became the in-between fighting area between the two. I could go into further detail but... I'm too lazy to look it up in my scrolls of Middle Earth Lore (aka Google).

If you are a monster player, you can find the entrance to Osgiliath at Grams.

So, go kill stuff. Yeah.

I love monster player. My only opportunity to kill elves for reals.

Don't Feed the Trolls,

Kveni Thickskull


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