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On Runekeepers

Kveni Thickskull / Jul 18, 2015
Shamukh my kindred!

As many of you know, Runekeepers, quite frankly, did not exist according to Tolkein's lore.

They are, however, very cool.

And part of their inspiration is true. Dwarves did learn how to carve magical runes. Take the doorway to Moria, for example. The runes upon it were carved by Durin I believe.

Anyway, all dwarvish language that we speak also has a proper way to write it.

Dwarvish has its own rune script, if you will. Dwarvish wasn't originally written in the Phonetic alphabet.

If you look on the dictionaries on the files of dwarrowscholar, you can see the rune translations to the far right side.

There are two separate types of dwarvish runes, those of Moria and those of Erebor.
Of course, we can't use that text in-game, but it is cool to know.

Keep slapping the Mibilkhagâs.

Kveni Thickskull of the Thafar'abbad, Lord of Dain's Hammer



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