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Kveni Thickskull

Rank: Lord
Online: 10 days ago
Joined: Jul 03, 2015
Gender: Male
State/Province: Confusion
City: Built on Rock and Roll
Kveni... a random name meaning nothing in particular but at the same time sounds cool.... therefore it is awesome. I am a dwarf of the grey mountains. As a dwarf i like to spend my time fishing, mining, helping other characters, jumping off huge cliffs and buildings to see If i'll die, being awesome, and beating little goblins into a pulp. I also enjoy hunting protected animals in Lothlorien and spraying grafitti on homes in Rivendell. I do not enjoy dwarf toss. I have in fact read all of the Lord of the Rings Books (except the simillarion) and watched all the movies. My favorite phrases I use in game include: Follow me young jedi, Never trust an Elf!!!!!!!!!!, Bad goblin no donut, or Hey! Troll! Eat my Axe!!!!!! Not literally.... Indigestion would be a direct outcome....
I hope that you liked reading this as Much as i liked writing it. Thank you. Oliphants Forever!!!!!!!!!!

If you wish to donate Money to the Save the Poor Dwarfs foundation pls send gold by mail to Kveni. (poor Dwarfs= those with less than 1 million gold )